Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Tuesday Music: Gusty Garden Space Remix

From Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Mario Paint Composer arrangement by Adolfo Baez

Yeah, we're back to gaming. Believe it or not, I just got Super Mario Galaxy a couple of weeks ago. I was hesitant about getting it because I didn't think I'd do well with the controls. While I suck at swimming, I'm doing alright with the basic controls (up to 36 stars now, woohoo :P). Anyway, this is a fun song. I had posted one of Adolfo Baez's videos here before and remembered that he had done a version of the Gusty Garden theme, so I hunted it down for this week's feature. I enjoy his stuff, especially considering that he does it all by ear. It blows me away a bit. Though I guess you kind of have to go by ear when you're doing video game music, it's not like there are scores just hanging out, you know? (Unless you're talking Final Fantasy, I suppose.)

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