Thursday, March 6, 2008

I scared myself yesterday. (or 'the krelbow story')

I was watching Project Runway with the family last night, and I commented that one of Jillian's coats was pretty awesome except for the cutouts where the insides of the elbows are (they might have been around the elbows as well, but I'm not sure). Dad asked me if there was a word for the inside of your elbow, and I kind of shook my head, but then I remembered the term "krelbow". Furthermore, I remembered that I had heard "krelbow" on an episode of Blossom, and I proceeded to describe the scene in detail...detail good enough to scare me. Why the hell did my memory retain that piece of information?

In doing web research this evening, I came across a post from a couple of years ago where someone was asking which episode of Seinfeld contained krelbow discussion. I wonder if she too really heard it on Blossom.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trevor Linden never played for the San Francisco Giants.

So I'm at work listening to the radio, and this one caller is going on and on about how much the Giants are going to suck this year. I zoned out after a minute but woke up when he mentioned the name Trevor Linden. He meant Todd Linden. This mistake actually happens quite a bit, and it manages to annoy me every time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Canadiens at Sharks, 3/3/08

I was at the game tonight. I picked this game back when tickets first went on sale for two reasons: it was close to my birthday, and this was the Sharks' first game back after a long road trip. As the date approached, I wondered if I should have picked the Ottawa game on the 5th instead...but given the way things turned out I'm happy I picked this one. This was one of the most exciting games I've attended. A few random notes:

-Since Montréal was in town, I was expecting the Canadian national anthem to be sung at least partially in French. That didn't happen, but the singer was from Moose Factory, so that was cool.

-I almost didn't see Thornton's PP goal. When he shot the puck the first time, the guy in front of me stood up and stayed up, as if that shot had gone in. I should point out that this guy was really eager to stand up.

-After Cheechoo's goal, some streamers shot out over my section, landing a few rows in front of me. I later learned that this is something Sharkie does, but this was the first time I was around for that.

-I didn't start walking out until after the Campbell interview was finished. Out of all the games I've attended this season--this would be the sixth--I cheered the most at this one. I will not sound good tomorrow.

-The Cheechoo and Campbell goals made the top play list on both On the Fly and SportsCenter. Cheechoo's goal ranked #1 and #7 respectively, while Campbell's ranked #3 and #4. Interesting.