Thursday, March 6, 2008

I scared myself yesterday. (or 'the krelbow story')

I was watching Project Runway with the family last night, and I commented that one of Jillian's coats was pretty awesome except for the cutouts where the insides of the elbows are (they might have been around the elbows as well, but I'm not sure). Dad asked me if there was a word for the inside of your elbow, and I kind of shook my head, but then I remembered the term "krelbow". Furthermore, I remembered that I had heard "krelbow" on an episode of Blossom, and I proceeded to describe the scene in detail...detail good enough to scare me. Why the hell did my memory retain that piece of information?

In doing web research this evening, I came across a post from a couple of years ago where someone was asking which episode of Seinfeld contained krelbow discussion. I wonder if she too really heard it on Blossom.

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Elizabeth said...

I remember it being from Blossom too and I also saw that comment about Seinfeld, but it was so old that I doubted replying to it would do much good now. My brother calls his elbow his "wenus" and I remember the inside of the elbow being called the "krelbow" but now I need to know what to call the back of my knee. I told my boyfriend that the backs of my knees were sunburned and he made fun of me so Im trying to impress him with a technical term for it. LOL!!!