Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick Babbling

1) I went to the Giants game tonight (technically last night). What is it with the Giants and first-time All-Stars missing the game? ...I kid! It sucks that Cain got hurt, but fortunately x-rays were negative, it's just a contusion, and he should be fine. It was nice to see the relievers get a win! There was also a light rain at one point, which caused this to happen:


The other rainbow (or perhaps the other half of the rainbow?) is faint, but you can make it out over the left side of the AT&T sign. Oh, and Sandoval homered for the second straight night. Why is he not on the All-Star team again? :P

2) I wore Sephora's Liner Electro in Khaki today and I only wish I had tried it out sooner. I don't use pencils that often (brushes seem easier for me to use for some reason), but this held up well, plus I love the color. See The Next Best Thing to Going Shopping Yourself for detail + swatches of the product...that post was actually what prompted me to get it in the first place, heh.

3) They brought back Metal Orchestra!? I'd passed on it the first time around,, that's tempting. (I own two Kat Von D palettes and I love them dearly.) Oh, and over on Urban Decay they have an online catalog of their fall products...but a couple of the pictures show future holiday release products. One is the 24/7 pencil in Eldorado (gold...looks nice, so if you're into those...yeah) and the other is Nail Enamel. They're bringing that back? I don't remember when they discontinued it, I just remember not seeing it anymore one day, though this was before I was on mailing lists and all that jazz. I had a couple of colors of this back in the day that I loved, "ID" was one and...what was the other one, "Pipe" might have been in the name? I wanna say the name had something to do with snowboarding. It was a pale iridescent color.

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