Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Tuesday Music: Gay Bar Part 2

Performed by: Electric Six
Album: Flashy (2008)

OMG I actually posted a recent song this week. :O Ahem. I originally intended to post Dire Straits' "Romeo and Juliet", but...I've yet to do the full write-up for that. Oh yes. There will be a write-up. But enough about that. I posted this song to share with you the Drinking While Listening to Electric Six Game (which is not officially affiliated with anything except my crazy mind). There are two rules / times to drink:

1) During a song, a reference is made to one of their other songs. (Can possibly be stretched to include album titles.)
2) SOLO!

Gay Bar Part 2 is at least a four-shot song. :P

According to the clip description, this was taken from a gig in Portland late last year. (Is Portland nice? I'd like to visit that city someday.) Last year was also when I was introduced to this band's music by one of my friends. While it's fun, I find I usually have to be in a mood to listen to the songs for an extended period of time as it can get repetitive after a while. I guess that goes for many a band/artist, though. Now to finish off, here are two random Japanese songs that have been stuck in my head today:

MAX - Ginga no Chikai
LAREINE - Fuyu Tokyo

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