Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who am I rooting for in the next round?

At this point in the playoffs (the point where I have no real rooting interest left), I wonder who to root for. In recent years, it's been all about the team(s) whose fans I hate less. Taking this into account, I'm rooting for the Flyers in the east, which is a bit surprising to me. In the west, it's a wash as there are people on both sides of that fence that I just can't stand--though none of the Dallas fans are people I personally know. So let's forget that criteria and look at the players, shall we? To be honest, I don't hate Team Sweden West at all. I like the guys out there on the ice, especially now that they aren't playing Hasek. The Stars, though...let's see, I'll throw some names out and see what pops into my head:

Modano - Respect.
Turco - Meh.
Zubov - Hm. ...Actually, I have no problems with him.
Ott - Dislike. (Note that this is more of a default response for the type of player he is. Do the Sharks need a pest? I've been wondering this for some time. Not that I think picking up Avery would be a good idea. But I digress.)
Ribeiro - HATE.
Morrow - Undecided.

...Hm. Maybe I won't throw my support anywhere and just see how things go. (By the way, Wings in 5.)

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