Friday, May 2, 2008

Game 5: You bet your ass I'm going.

Let me begin with a super quick Game 4 recap:

Apparently the key to a Sharks victory was to let Dallas score first. Devin Setoguchi was aware of this and acted accordingly:

(I kid! I kid. We love you, Devin!) Marleau had another shorthanded goal soon after that, and the Sharks managed to win the game, 2-1.

And with that, Game 5 is here. You can mention the Stars' dominance in the Tank until you're blue in the face, but each game is its own entity. Someone I was listening to on the radio today (I want to say it was EJ Hradek) said he wasn't even sure of when the Stars last lost. ("Stars last lost"? Say that three times fast.) I can tell you. Remember that long-ass winning streak in March? It happened then. Granted, it was an OT win, but it was a win. Now if he meant regulation win, uh...I can't help you there. But it doesn't matter. I am proud of this team and what they have been able to accomplish so far. So let's keep it going! The Tank will rock as hard as it ever has, and I will holler and cheer until my voice gives out.


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