Sunday, May 4, 2008

I thought the game would never end.

Frankly, it almost didn't. I'm not going to nitpick as I'm sure others will. Why do that? What's the point? Everyone was dead tired, and you knew SOMETHING had to happen to end the game. I applaud the efforts of all the players, especially Nabokov and Turco. Damn. And congratulations to the Stars. This was a tough series; anyone who knew these teams knew that it would go this way, though most of us probably didn't see the 3-0 start coming.

I am worried about Milan Michalek. The hit was clean and all, but man did his head snap back, giving me visions of Raffi Torres' hit on him a couple of years ago. Whatever happened to him, I hope that it's nothing major and that he'll fully recover. So is Brenden Morrow going to ask about him or is he going to be an ass and not care? I'm asking seriously; I know nothing about his character. This will be a major factor regarding who I root for in the conference finals. (I'll probably be rooting for Dallas anyway. Pacific Division Represent!)

I am proud of my team. Despite finishing second in the conference, they had a tough draw and they did what they could with it. People will be calling for radical changes over the offseason...I don't know how much needs to be done, really. We'll have to wait and see.

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