Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Makeup Madness: Queen for a Day

The Queen for a Day collection is one of the Too Faced holiday items that came out a couple of months ago. The set consists of what you see above: a makeup bag, a bronzer, an eyeshadow quad, a special edition Flatbuki brush, a mini Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara, a lipstick (Lip of Luxury in the shade Free Love), and a full-sized Shadow Insurance primer. I picked this up during Sephora's Friends and Family sale, mostly because I was drawn to the bag and the brush (note: the handle of the Flatbuki is actually a bright green, like the green flowers on the bag). The bag was actually smaller than I thought it would be, but that happens a lot with Too Faced items for some reason. I took a picture holding it to give you an idea of its size. (Kindly ignore those lines on the silhouette, the flash reflected off of some marks that I didn't notice were there until right now. They have been rubbed out and now it looks just fine.)

On the other hand, the eyeshadow quad and Snow Bunny bronzer were larger than I expected. I think this packaging for Snow Bunny is exclusive to the set, but I'm not entirely sure. Isn't it lovely?

Snow Bunny
Eyeshadow Quad

According to the outer packaging, the pink and matte shades of the quad don't have "real" names--they are referred to simply as "Pink" and "Matte"--while the other two are called Totally Toasted and Bob's Your Uncle. I'm gonna go ahead and say the shiny brown/bronze color is Totally Toasted since it's also the name of a couple of shades in the French and Fabulous Palette (which, by the way, I also want but certainly don't need). Totally Toasted also reminded me of Push-Up from their Natural Eye palette, so I did a quick comparison swatch. I also swatched Silk Teddy* and the Pink eyeshadow, not because they're similar, but so that I could tell the browns apart. :P

* I had originally typed Nude Beach - I have corrected this to Silk Teddy both in the post and on the photo. Nude Beach is the crazy glittery shadow from Natural Eye that I don't use. :P

Now, without further ado, the swatches:

Queen for a Day Swatches

The first three eyeshadows are nice. The last a disappointing, glittery mess. You may even want to click and look at the larger image to better see the mess. The promo pictures made Bob's Your Uncle look like this lovely shimmery taupe, and frankly, the color probably would have been fine without the glitter. Similar disappointment was found over at Jeweled Thumb. It's not enough for me to want to return the set, though, because I love everything else. Especially Snow Bunny. I'm rather fair, so this is perfect for me. The lipstick is a little on the frosty side for my liking, but I like the shade, so it will definitely get its fair share of use. Overall, I'm glad I got it, but I probably wouldn't have paid full price ($45) since I consider that one shadow to be a dud.

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