Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Tuesday Music: One Thing Leads to Another

Performed by: The Fixx
Album: Reach the Beach (1983)

I've decided October is going to be 80s Month.

(It's not October yet.)

Shhh! :P Anyway, I did the live clip thing again since I could embed it--go see the video here. My night owl habits started at a young age, when I would watch Night Tracks on TBS until the wee hours of the morning. (Do I know why I was allowed to do this? No. I can tell you that this was back during the days before I had something called "school"...or "MTV", for that matter.) When I think of those days, this is one of the first songs that comes to mind. It's also made the rounds in commercials (as well as the other song I know from that album, "Saved by Zero").

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