Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Babble on Recent Sports Stuff

Wow, I rambled on this message board like I was writing a blog entry. So perhaps I should just re-write it here and add more links while I'm at it! :P

Current poll on CSN Bay Area:

If the Giants finish the season 5 games behind Colorado how would you characterize this season?

A) Succesful
B) Mildly Successful
C) Average
D) Below Average
E) Failure

I'd vote "Mildly Average". :P Honestly, I don't know. They've obviously done better than what was expected when the season started; however, the management has driven me nuts at times. I'm finding myself having more questions than answers:

Freddy Sanchez has been here how long and he's been injured twice?
Will Buster Posey get a start this season?
Speaking of starts, did Ryan Garko really start in 26 games? It's seemed like half that.
Did you enjoy the return of the Uribe chant? (I did!)
Angel Villalona?

Oh, but hey, they won tonight and the Rockies lost. It is not (mathematically) over.

In other news, hockey's almost here! (Well, technically it is here, but it's preseason.) Here's something else I wrote over on that board right after the Heatley trade broke:

But at least the drama is done now and everyone can just focus on training camp. I will say that I have a bit of a fear that Heatley's arrival just might have an Avery-in-Dallas effect. It's very irrational, very worst-case-scenario, I know, but the fear exists. If the franchise is strong enough and can get him to be effective (this is assuming he is like the media's portrayal of him--I'm kind of comparing the best-case scenario to the way things worked out with the Patriots and Randy Moss, at least that first year), then the sky's the limit. I wish everyone luck.

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