Tuesday, July 31, 2007

another Saturday night on the couch

I was channel-surfing and somehow I ended up on Bikini Destinations. This show seems to be more or less the same as "Get Out!", and it's on the same channel, so...which show came first? Anyway, the girls were in Alaska and they were hand-feeding baby animals in some kind of park or sanctuary or something along those lines. I thought that was odd, but it held my interest for a minute. Then it switched to focusing on one of the girls' photoshoot footage while she talked about herself and stuff she liked. I went to change the channel, but then I heard this:

"My name is Candice Michelle and I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin."

Candice Michelle is the GoDaddy chick. And she was also in pro wrestling, apparently. I don't know from the wrestling. Anyway, here's the thing: I did not recognize her by appearance. (I don't know if she looked way younger in 2004 or what.) I recognized her by name, because she was on American Chopper for the GoDaddy/Super Bowl episodes...maybe just the first one, I don't remember. Have I mentioned that I watch American Chopper too much? More on that later, maybe.

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