Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Tuesday Music: Poor Leno

Artist: Röyksopp
Album: Melody A.M. (2001)

I've been slacking again. :P I went on an internet hiatus of sorts, but I'm back now! Had I been online, last week's selection would have been "Ugly Girl" by Fleming & John. Anyway, on to this song. Röyksopp is an electronic duo from Norway. If nothing else, you've likely heard one of the versions of "Remind Me", which was featured in this Geico ad. I've had visions of this video in my head lately due to being addicted to this Bejeweled-esque game called Zoo Keeper. As far as the song goes, I'm hoping something was lost in translation and that the lyrics aren't actually supposed to be, well, creepy:

Poor Leno
where you'll be, I'll go
where you'll be, I'll know
where you'll be, I'll find you

Poor Leno
haven't you been told
being nine years old
means I'll always find you

...at least this is what it sounds like to me. Many lyric sites list the last three lines as "have you due in time, reunite as one, please I'll always find you". Um...yeah.

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