Sunday, January 11, 2009

the rash that wasn't

I was out shopping earlier tonight. My hands were especially dry and I didn't have any cream on hand, which got annoying after a while. So when I was over at Ulta buying my sister's birthday present, I also got one of the many things of hand cream they had at the counter on sale for 40 cents (they were holiday-scented). I applied it right afterward and felt a little better, then I ran my other errands and went home. Later on, I was watching TV and I looked down at my hands to find that my fingers were really red except for the tips, and mostly on the palm sides of my hands. And I mean REALLY red, like I'm-about-to-blister red. I freaked out, thinking I'd had a bad reaction to the cream...but my hands felt perfectly fine. No burning, no irritation. Then I thought about it and looked over at the shopping bags I had carried earlier. Dark pink plastic. The ink had transferred onto my hands.


Fortunately it washed right off.

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