Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Random Tuesday Music: Jolie Louise

Artist: Daniel Lanois
Album: Acadie (1989)

[I'm adding this as a regular feature so that I'll be forced to post at least once a week. Selections will come from all over the map (both figuratively and literally), I promise you that.]

Northern Exposure is one of my father's favorite programs of all time. This song is on the first soundtrack CD that came out, and it had its place in Dad's rotation. I love this song for many reasons. Here are a few:

-It tells a story.
-It's a sad song.
-You can't really tell what time period it's from.
-English/Français mix.

Over time, I learned about who Lanois was, and I ended up getting Acadie about a year ago. (It's lovely.) Here's something I noticed in his bio that seems to be reflected in the lyrics to this song:

Following his parents' 1963 separation, Lanois and his mother moved to the English-speaking suburbs of Hamilton, Ontario.

...So...is the song about his parents, at least in part?

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