Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Bowl Aftermath

(I kind of wrote about this already over in the Myspace blog, so I'll try not to repeat myself.)

Maybe it's just me, but my stomach turns whenever I hear about the '72 Dolphins and their champagne. These past few months have been the worst since that story kept popping up throughout the season. But are they as pompous as their act, or is the media possibly making them out to be more pompous than they actually are? Do I despise Don Shula or Chris Berman? (The answer to that last question is, of course, "yes".) At any rate, I can only hope that someday two 18-0 teams will face each other in the Super Bowl...and for one of those teams to be the Niners, but perhaps that's asking too much.

Bring on the Eli commercials!

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