Wednesday, September 26, 2007

756, blah blah blah, "asterik".

I didn't write about the whole home run ball online vote thing because I thought it was dumb (still do--I mean, how much money is being spent on this when there are children starving and fun stuff like that), but I have a couple of questions about it anyway:

1) If, for some bizarre reason, Barry Bonds is found to have not done anything wrong as far as the MLB rules of that time are concerned, do we get to brand Mark Ecko with an asterisk?
2) Am I supposed to know who Mark Ecko is? I'm serious here. I'm not even sure if I'm spelling his name correctly.

I will say this, though: At least that Mark guy (unlike many of the people who have called the various radio stations regarding this topic) can pronounce "asterisk" correctly. Why is it such a hard thing to do? Even in commercials! There's this TV commercial going around right now for one of the cell phone carriers...a young lady is visiting the fake crappy cell phone carrier that has asterisks all over the place (i.e. "Unlimited text messaging!*"), including one of the clerk's hands. The lady calls him on this, saying, "You have an asterik [sic] on your hand."


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